Chinese Opera Face Painting

In cultures across the world, symbols and colors are frequently used to convey deeper meanings. In China, brides traditionally wear the color red which symbolizes happiness. Since the Yuan Dynasty (13th century) opera performers have developed their own symbolic language in which colors and shapes are used in face painting to reveal a character’s personality, social status, and even moral code. Participants will learn about this unique language of color and symbols, have their face painted with traditional designs, and create their own “Painted Faces”.

Past presenters include: American Museum of Natural History, Asia Society, P.S. 376 (Brooklyn), P.S. 120 (Queens), New Victory Theater, South Hampton Cultural Center, SUNY Geneseo

Workshop Requirements:
This workshop can be flexible to meet your events needs. It can be presented as a short single day event, or as a multi-day series. Maximum capacity is 30 participants. For school events, the workshop can be custom tailored to meet several key New York State Learning Standards for the Arts in (Dance, Theater). Space requirements: gymnasium, auditorium, or all-purpose room.

Teachings Artists:
Kuang-Yu Fong, Jing Shan,  Guiyin Yang, Jinwen Wang