Chinese Opera Costume Workshop

For thousands of years, China has been a feudal society where clothing has been used to indicate social and political status. These conventions are reflected in Chinese opera where elaborate costumes and props give the audience a detailed reading of a character’s social identity. This workshop teaches participants how to “read” the stories inside the embroidered silks, detailed hairdos, and extravagant headdresses worn on stage. We also explore-held props, such as fans, ribbons, and horsewhips and the meaning they carry.

Past presenters include: China Institute, LaGuardia Community College, Oldfield Middle School (Greenlawn, NY), P.S. 120 (Queens).

Workshop Requirements:

This workshop can be flexible to meet your events needs. It can be presented as a short single day event, or as a multi-day series. Maximum capacity is 30 participants. For school events, the workshop can be custom tailored to meet several key New York State Learning Standards for the Arts in (Dance, Theater). Space requirements: gymnasium, auditorium, or all-purpose room.

Teachings Artists:

Kuang-Yu Fong, Yuling Fang, Jing Shan, Guiyin Yang