Chinese Opera Stage Combat

Like all forms of movement in Chinese opera, physical conflict— from small street fights to large scale warfare— is transformed into dance. Although heavily influenced by Chinese martial arts, opera stage combat is highly stylized and artfully choreographed to illustrate the beauty in fighting. Teaching artist will lead exercises in movement vocabulary, choreographed fight sequences, and techniques for hand to hand and weapon combat (including swords and spears). No previous experience needed.

Past presenters include: Pace University, P.S. 376 (Brooklyn), International School Theater Association, Suffren High School (Long Island)

Workshop Requirements:

This workshop can be flexible to meet your events needs. It can be presented as a short single day event, or as a multi-day series. Maximum capacity is 30 participants. For school events, the workshop can be custom tailored to meet several key New York State Learning Standards for the Arts in (Dance, Theater). Space requirements: gymnasium, auditorium, or all-purpose room.

Teachings Artists:

Yuling Fang, Yibing Fan, Xiangwei Yu, Kuang-Yu Fong