Chinese Opera Movement

In Chinese opera, all motion is a form of dance. Movement patterns are fluid, circular and bigger than life. This workshop introduces the basic vocabulary of gestures and postures used on stage. Participants will explore how this choreography is reflective of traditional Chinese philosophy, and how these elements that combine to build a character’s identity.

Past presenters include: NYU, Pratt Institute, Suffren High School (Long Island), Emerson College, University of Pittsburgh, Herricks Middle School (Alberson, NY).

Workshop Requirements:

This workshop can be flexible to meet your events needs. It can be presented as a short single day event, or as a multi-day series. Maximum capacity is 30 participants. For school events, the workshop can be custom tailored to meet several key New York State Learning Standards for the Arts in (Dance, Theater). Space requirements: gymnasium, auditorium, or all-purpose room.

Teachings Artists:

Kuang-Yu Fong, Yuling Fang, Nuo Dai, Yibing Fan