Ti-Oh-Oh (Premiere 2008)

In 2008, CTW invited Wu-Shan Huang, a young master of Taiwanese “Budaixi” hand puppetry, to NYC to teach our team some of his traditional glove puppetry techniques in exchange for learning Western-style performance and production methods from CTW. Ti-Oh-Oh is the first of a series of original Budaixi productions by CTW.

Ti-Oh-Oh is a well-known Taiwanese folk song about an old couple who manage to catch an eel in their paddy field, but then let it escape as they argue over the proper cooking method. The song depicts the daily work and life of Taiwanese farmers in a lively and fun way.

Ti-Oh-Oh has been performed at venues including Yeshiva University Museum (NYC) and various local libraries, and featured in the New York Times, World Journal, Sing Tao Daily, and many other newspapers and magazines.

Production Credits:

Directors: Kuang-Yu Fong, Stephen Kaplin

Performers: Jing Shan, Wu-Shan Huang, Ji-Yuan He, Stephen Kaplin