Chang-Er Flies to the Moon (Premiere 2012)

Chang-Er Flies to the Moon explores the famous legend of the Chinese Moon goddess and her husband, the archer/hero Ho Yi.  CTW’s adaptation uses a live storyteller and vivid overhead projector shadow puppetry (with images based on antique Chinese leather shadow figures) to translate for contemporary American audiences, their timeless story of love and estrangement caught up in the machinations of heavenly and earthly conflicts.

Chang-Er Flies to the Moon debuted in 2012 and has since been performed at venues including American Museum of Natural History (NYC), Museum of the Chinese in America (NYC), and HERE Center for the Performing Arts (NYC).

Production Credits:
Writers: Kuang-Yu Fong, Stephen Kaplin

Directors: Kuang-Yu Fong, Stephen Kaplin

Puppet Design: Stephen Kaplin (Based on figures from the Pauline Benton Collection)

Puppeteers: Jing Shan, Harrison Greene, Kuang-Yu Fong

Storyteller: Stephen Kaplin