The Tiger of Zhao (Premier 2023)

Based on a tale from 蒲松齡 Pu Song Ling’s 17th century collection of supernatural stories, 聊齋誌異 “Strange Tales from Liao Studio”, The Tiger of Zhao is Chinese Theatre Works’ newest full-scale, touring, overhead projector shadow theater production.

When a elderly woman’s only son is killed by a wild tiger, she turns to the local court officials for help. To atone for this injustice, the courts hunt down and entreat the Tiger to take the place of her son. This powerful story demonstrates timely moral themes of repairing past wrongs, healing injustices, and overcoming fear and hatred.

The Tiger of Zhao premiered in June 2023 at Flushing Town Hall. This production will also be touring throughout NYC and beyond. To inquire about a booking, press the button below.

Production Credits: 
Directors: Kuang-Yu Fong, Stephen Kaplin and Harrison Greene

Storytellers: Kuang-Yu Fong, Yibing Fan

Puppeteers: Harrison Greene, Charlie Santos, Erhan Bao, Catherine Jane Shaw

Composer: Lu Liu

Musicians: Lu Liu, Junling Wang