Little Red Riding Hood: The Chinese Opera (Premiere 2001)

Little Red Riding Hood: The Chinese Opera retells in English (dialogue) and Chinese (song) the timeless fable of a young girl’s journey to grandma’s house and transforms it into a cross-cultural journey for audiences of all ages. Using the classic Western story as a window, audiences experience the full range of traditional Chinese Theater technique and aesthetics including breathtaking stage acrobatics and martial arts, music, dance, song, pantomime, stylized face painting and elaborate hand-sewn silk costumes.  Conceived and directed by Kuang Yu Fong, Little Red draws its inspiration from classical masterpieces, taking well-known scenes from the traditional opera repertoire and  seamlessly integrating them  into the story, together with dashes of American humor that makes it immediately accessible to a wide audience.

Little Red Riding Hood: The Chinese Opera debuted in 2001 at the Abrons Art Center and has been performed in venues including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYU, American Museum of Natural History, and Wesleyan University.

Production Credits:
Writer: Kuang-Yu Fong

Director: Kuang-Yu Fong

Performers: Fanying Meng, Yibing Fan, Qian Ma, Jing Shan, Fei Wang