Instinct (Premiere 1993)

Instinct is a reflection on the paradoxical phenomenon of insects which only survive on their instincts but are harmless to nature, while humans with higher intelligence and knowledge are causing ecological destruction and pollution. The play is also an interesting comparison and integration of the behavior of insects with the similar behavior of humans in urban life.

Instinct was collaboratively directed by the Ninth Street Theater and Orchestra of St. Luke’s in an innovative performance style and body language. Kuang-Yu Fong trained the actors and performers of the Ninth Street Theater in CTW workshops. Stephen Kaplin designed the insect masks for the cast and made a 15-foot giant insect puppet. The music of the play was composed by Ralph Denzer from the Ninth Street Theater and was performed by 20 musicians from Orchestra of St. Luke’s.

Instinct debuted in 1993 at the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Opera House for 10 performances

Production Credits
Directors: Joanne Shultz, Ninth Street Theater, Kuang-Yu Fong

Puppet Design: Stephen Kaplin

Performers: Orchestra of St. Luke, Ninth Street Theater

Music: Ralph Denzer