Day Jobs, Opera Dreams (Premiere 2003)

Day Jobs, Opera Dreams builds on the moving personal stories of immigrant Chinese Opera artists— recently arrived in New York City. It explores issues of cultural migration and dramatizes the bitterness and hope of immigrant life and the enormous tension between the day jobs that feed them and the art they have studied from childhood. Their journeys to the West are told through a blend of personal narrative, traditional opera, contemporary dance, video and other performance techniques.

Day Jobs, Opera Dreams debuted in 2003 and has been performed in venues including Harry De Jur Playhouse (NYC), Abron Arts Center (NYC), Theatre for the New City (NYC), and Elmhurst College (MA).

Production Credits:
Conceived and Directed by: Kuang-Yu Fong

Performers: Yibing Fan, Stephen Kaplin, Yucheng Ren, Fanying Meng, Huixin Bai, Junling Wang, Nuo Dai, Gang Tian, Nuo An