A Day at the Office (Premiere 1986)

Inspired by the movement and staging of traditional Peking Opera, this contemporary dance theater piece combines Western and Chinese performance technique to tell a story of three women in a modern corporate office. This compelling solo theater piece alternates with deft precision between the portrayal of a harried, overworked corporate secretary, her imperious boss, and the Chinese opera characters that inhabit the secretary’s daydreams. Ultimately, dreams win out. Using the gestural language and choreography of Chinese Opera and an original English language text, this short piece is a perfect fusion of traditional Chinese theatre and western theater technique.

A Day at the Office debuted in 1986 and has since been performed at venues including Michigan Women’s Festival (NC), Sister Fire Festival (Washington, D.C), and University of Kentucky (KY).

Production Credits:

Writers: Kuang-Yu Fong, Bert Weschler

Directors: Kuang-Yu Fong, Bert Weschler

Performer: Kuang-Yu Fong