Chang-Er Flies to the Moon explores the famous legend of the Chinese Moon goddess and her husband, the archer/hero Ho Yi. Their timeless love story and estrangement is caught up in the machinations of heavenly and earthly conflicts.

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We have different workshops for kids to get involved in Chinese Theatre Culture, such as the face painting. The teaching artists will paint participants face with a traditional design and also lead them to design their own “Painted Faces.”


Chinese Theatre Works possesses one of the largest private collections of traditional shadow figures in North America. At the heart of this remarkable cultural treasure is the Pauline Benton Collection which represents a significant historical and artistic resource.

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Come to watch our latest performances and join our events! Get to know the beauty of Chinese Theatre Art Works!


Preserve, Create, Foster Chinese Theatre Culture
Preserve Create Foster

To preserve and promote the traditional Chinese performing arts (including opera, shadow theatre, puppetry, dance and music).

To create new performance works that bridge Eastern and Western aesthetics and forms.

To foster understanding and appreciation of Chinese culture in audiences, artists students, scholars and educators around the globe.

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We are Creative and Talented One
Founder, Executive Director, Co-Artistic Director, Opera Performer, Puppeteer, Teaching Artist
Founder of Chinese Theatre Workshop (1990). Executive Director and co-Artistic Director; Served on the Board of UNIMA-USA. Author of Tabletop Theater: Puppetry for Small Places.
Stephen Kaplin
Stephen Kaplin
Founder, Co-Artistic Director, Arts in Education Director, Technical Director, Puppeteer, Teaching Artist
Mr. Kaplin designs, builds, performs and directs for puppet theater. Designing and building giant puppets for TIMES SQUARE 2000; Author of Tabletop Theater: Puppetry for Small Places.
Nicky Ruan
Nicky Ruan
Public Relations Specialist
Plan and implement public relations and marketing activities locally, nationally and internationally.
Xuan Li
Xuan Li
Web Developer
Created and Maintained our website.


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